Donald's Dock ToonTasks/Final gag training

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Toons are instructed to visit Ahab in order to begin this ToonTask and complete final training for whichever gag track they selected from the gag training ToonTask. All ToonTasks in Donald's Dock must be completed before proceeding to this ToonTask.


  1. Visit Ahab (Ahab's Prefab Sea Crab Center, Seaweed Street, Donald's Dock)
  2. Visit Claggart (Claggart's Clever Clovis Closet, Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock)
  3. Deliver Cruddy Clovis to Mrs. Starch (Wet Suit Dry Cleaners, Barnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock)
  4. Deliver Clean Clovis to Ahab
  5. Visit Admiral Hook (Hook's Clock Repair, Barnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock)
  6. Deliver 3 Squirt Guns to Admiral Hook
  7. Deliver Large Spring to Ahab
  8. One of the following:
  9. One of the following:
  10. One of the following:
    • Return to Rocky Shores
    • Return to Cal Estenicks
  11. Deliver Counter Weight to Ahab
  12. Defeat 1 two+ story Cog Building (Donald's Dock)
  13. Return to Ahab