Donald's Dock ToonTasks/Teleport access

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Toons are instructed to visit Melville in order to begin this ToonTask and earn teleport access to Donald's Dock.


  1. Visit Melville (Melville's Massive Mizzenmast Mart, Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock)
  2. Visit Alice (Alice's Ballast Palace, Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock)
  3. Defeat 5 Micromanagers (Donald's Dock)
  4. Return to Alice
  5. Deliver a Bushel of Ballast to Melville
  6. Visit Art (Art's Smart Chart Mart, Seaweed Street, Donald's Dock)
  7. Recover 3 Gears from the Cogs (Donald's Dock)
  8. Return to Art
  9. Deliver a Sea Chart to Melville