Mumbo Jumbo

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Mumbo Jumbo
Basic information
Target One Toon
Minimum damage 3
Maximum damage 19
Strength Moderate
Signature attack? Yes
Cog performance
Lawbots Double Talker

Mumbo Jumbo is a signature Cog attack that is performed by Double Talkers.


  1. The Double Talker pounds their fist into their hand and points at the targeted Toon while words appear.
    • If the attack hits, the words swarm around the Toon.
    • If the attack misses, the Toon moves out of the way as the words move past them.


  • "I believe these are the right words."
  • "Boy, this is a mouth full."
  • "It's as simple as this."
  • "Here are my five-dollar words."
  • "Let me just interject this."
  • "Let me make this perfectly clear."
  • "This is how we're going to do this."
  • "Let me supersize this for you."
  • "You might call this technobabble."
  • "Some call me bombastic."


Double Talker
Level 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Damage 3 4 6 9 12 15 17 19

Origin of name

"Mumbo jumbo" is an idiom for language or ritual causing or intended to cause confusion or bewilderment.