Nurse Shark

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Nurse Shark
Basic information
Species 3
Lowest rarity Common (5)
Highest rarity Extremely Rare (9)
Minimum value 18 jellybeans
Maximum value 39 jellybeans

The Nurse Shark is a species of fish, comprised of three different species.

Fish species Rarity Fishing rod Location(s)
Nurse Shark Common (5)
Rare (6)
Twig Rod Minnie's Melodyland
Any pond
Clara Nurse Shark Rare (7)
Very Rare (8)
Twig Rod Baritone Boulevard
Minnie's Melodyland
Florence Nurse Shark Very Rare (8)
Extremely Rare (9)
Twig Rod Tenor Terrace
Minnie's Melodyland


  • Its appearance and name are a pun on the real life nurse shark.
  • As of the 3.8.1 update that was released on March 23, 2023, the red cross symbol depicted on the Nurse Shark's hat was replaced with an anchor symbol to comply with the Geneva Conventions.