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Panda3D is a game engine for 3D rendering and game development that can be programmed in Python and C++, and adds an emphasis on "power, speed, completeness, and error tolerance".[1] The engine was originally developed by Disney's Virtual Reality Studio that was used for developing a variety of online games such as Toontown Online and is still used for commercial purposes. It is completely open-source, with online documentations. Before using Panda3D, early prototypes of Toontown Online used a game engine called Squeak, but was proven to not work very well.[2]

Toontown Rewritten also runs on Panda3D. Game assets for Toontown Rewritten such as textures, models, and audio are stored in phase files, which are compressed files that Panda3D can access and display for players to look at. Although players do not need Panda3D in order to play Toontown Rewritten, it is mandatory for viewing phase files.


  • On February 18, 2018, contributors of Panda3D reached 1,000 stars on GitHub.[3]
  • Sometime in January of 2019, Panda3D underwent a rebrand in their logo and website, and released version 1.10.0 of the SDK. The new website was developed by Joey.

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