Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks/Green Trainee Stamp

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Toons are instructed to visit Ro Maine in order to begin this ToonTask and earn the Green Trainee Stamp.


  1. Visit Ro Maine (Lettuce Inn, Oak Street, Daisy Gardens)
  2. Recover a Basket from the Cogs (Oak Street, Daisy Gardens)
  3. Return to Ro Maine
  4. Deliver a Gift Basket to Naggy Nell (Honeydew This, Oak Street, Daisy Gardens)
  5. Visit Ro Maine
  6. Recover 8 Flowers from the Cogs (Daisy Gardens)
  7. Return to Ro Maine
  8. Deliver a Flower Basket to Naggy Nell
  9. Visit Ro Maine
  10. Recover 12 Honeydew Melons from the Cogs (Daisy Gardens)
  11. Return to Ro Maine
  12. Deliver a Honeydew Basket to Naggy Nell
  13. Visit Ro Maine