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settings.json is a JavaScript Object Notation file that allows the game to save a conditional setting of a Toon and various modifiers, which can be located at the Toontown Rewritten installation directory of a user's computer. Majority of the file's settings are remnants of whichever settings were applied by a player via the Options menu. Before the release of the Options menu, settings.json was the only method of changing settings but can still be used if not logged onto Toontown Rewritten. The file can be edited using any text editor such as Windows Notepad.


There are several settings that can be found in settings.json. Just like any other piece of coding, each line of coding is enclosed in curly braces ({ }) and separated by commas to end a piece of code and start a new line of code. Each line of code must properly be enclosed in curly braces, separated by commas, spelled correctly, and define an appropriate parameter in order for it to function and to overall avoid a corrupted settings.json file. Some settings are defined as true when in use and are defined as false when not in use.

Sample usage

Below is an example of what settings.json may look like. A Toon's ID number, written as "xxxxxxxxx" in the below example for confidentiality, is shown above certain settings and varies between Toons created on a player's account; the ID number is added automatically if a setting in-game was changed and saved.

    "xxxxxxxxx": {
        "accepting-new-friends": true,
        "accepting-non-friend-whispers": true,
        "accepting-teleports-state": 2,
        "auto-equip-new-clothing": false,
        "speedchat-style": 0,
        "want-laff-warnings": true
        "accepting-new-friends": false
    "audio": {
        "music": false,
        "music-volume": 50,
        "sfx": false,
        "sfx-ambient": true,
        "sfx-volume": 50,
        "sound-accessibility": true,
        "toon-chat-sounds": true
    "controller": {
        "controller-enabled": false
    "controls": {
        "auto-jump": true,
        "automatic-chat-input": false,
        "cameraNext": "tab",
        "cameraOobe": "control-tab",
        "cameraPrev": "shift-tab",
        "chat": "enter",
        "detectGarbage": "shift-f11",
        "exitActivity": "escape",
        "forward": "w",
        "friendsList": "f7",
        "groupChat": "alt-enter",
        "jump": "space",
        "left": "a",
        "lookDown": "page_down",
        "lookUp": "page_up",
        "options": "shift-escape",
        "performAction": "delete",
        "printCameraPos": "f12",
        "reverse": "s",
        "right": "d",
        "screenshot": "f9",
        "screenshotDebug": "f10",
        "showGags": "home",
        "showMap": "alt",
        "showTasks": "end",
        "stickerBook": "f8",
        "synchronizeTime": "shift-f6",
        "thinkCogHQFacilities": "f2",
        "thinkDebug": "shift-f1",
        "toggleGui": "f3",
        "toggleNametags": "shift-f3",
        "walk": "shift"
    "game": {
        "bring-chat-forward": false,
        "discord-integration": false,
        "discord-pipe-number": 0,
        "nametag-scaling": 0,
        "show-as-offline": false,
        "show-cog-levels": true,
    "settings": {
        "version": 1.0
    "video": {
        "anisotropic-filtering": 16,
        "antialiasing": 8,
        "blend-animation": true,
        "chat-size": 1.0,
        "colorblind-mode": false,
        "content-packs-disabled": [],
        "dark-nametags": false,
        "disable-accessories": false,
        "disable-sprint-camera": false,
        "display-mode": "window",
        "enable-cursor": true,
        "enable-shaders": true,
        "experimental-settings": false,
        "font-quality": 80,
        "forced-aspect-ratio": 0.0,
        "fps-limit": -1,
        "gui-animation": true,
        "lod-distance": 1,
        "maximized": false,
        "mipmapping": false,
        "particle-effects": true,
        "resolution": [
        "show-fps": false,
        "smooth-frames": true,
        "stereo-3d": false,
        "v-sync": true

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