Sora Shorts

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The Sora Shorts are shorts that were worn by a former member of the Toontown Rewritten Team, Alpha Centauri. The texture was included in Toontown Rewritten's phase files sometime during Alpha, which was then removed sometime between September 19th and October 26th in 2014.

Despite the Sora Shorts being unavailable in Toontown Rewritten, players can wear them on their Toons by replacing the texture of an existing shorts with the texture of the Sora Shorts through a content pack. Textures for both the Sora Shorts and the Sora Shirt were publicly released by Maya for download on DeviantArt under certain rules.[1]


  • The Sora Shorts are based on clothing depicted in Kingdom Hearts II that are worn by Sora, the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • The Sora Shorts, alongside the Sora Shirt, were created by Maya before she joined the Toontown Rewritten Team in 2013.


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