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A content pack, often created by members of the Toontown community, allows a player to use custom visual and audio elements when playing Toontown Rewritten. Textures, audio, fonts and the mouse cursor can be changed, but other elements such as models or NPC dialogue cannot be changed. In the Options menu, players can select a specific content pack for use, and also enable or disable usage of a content pack. Content packs can be given a unique icon and a brief description for display.

Content packs that are verified by the Toontown Rewritten Team displays an additional green thumbs up icon to indicate verification. However, the icon disappears should a verified content pack be modified by anyone other than the creator.[1]

Importing a content pack

To import a content pack, create a new folder named "resources". Add phase files from a downloaded content pack to the resources folder and place said resources folder into the Toontown Rewritten folder, which is where the game's files are stored.

Phase files

Main page: Phase files

In order for a content pack to change the look of the game, phase files must have a client-sided edit. Players can edit phase files by opening and extracting them into mf files by using the "multify" Panda3D tool. A stable installation of Panda3D is required.

Music replacement

In addition to replacing music tracks that already exist in-game, content packs allow unique music tracks to be used for certain instances that reuse other tracks or lack music entirely. Toontown Rewritten released two PDFs to provide further information regarding music replacement for battles and activities.[2][3]

Loading screen backgrounds

Unique per-location loading screen backgrounds can be added to content packs by placing each background into the "maps" folder of phase_3 within the content pack. The file format is background_{id}.jpg; {id} must be replaced with the following IDs for each loading screen.

ID Location
1000 Donald's Dock
2000 Toontown Central
3000 The Brrrgh
4000 Minnie's Melodyland
5000 Daisy Gardens
6000 Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres
7000 Cartoonival Grounds
8000 Goofy Speedway
9000 Donald's Dreamland
10000 Bossbot Headquarters
11000 Sellbot Headquarters
12000 Cashbot Headquarters
13000 Lawbot Headquarters
14000 Daisy Gardens, Inc.
15000 Tutorial Terrace
16000 Estates
17000 Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf
18000 Party grounds