Star Fish

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Star Fish
Basic information
Species 5
Lowest rarity Very Common (1)
Highest rarity Ultra Rare (10)
Minimum value 2 jellybeans
Maximum value 46 jellybeans

The Star Fish is a species of fish, comprised of five different species.

Fish species Rarity Fishing rod Location(s)
Star Fish Very Common (1) Twig Rod Any pond
Five Star Fish Very Common (2)
Very Common (3)
Twig Rod Minnie's Melodyland
Any pond
Rock Star Fish Common (5)
Rare (6)
Bamboo Rod Minnie's Melodyland
Any pond
Shining Star Fish Rare (7)
Very Rare (8)
Twig Rod Estates
Any pond
All Star Fish Ultra Rare (10) Twig Rod Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Estates


  • It is based on the real life starfish. Its appearance may also be based on Elvis Presley, who is considered the "King of Rock".