The Brrrgh ToonTasks/Final gag training

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Toons are instructed to visit Lil Oldman in order to begin this ToonTask and complete final training for whichever gag track they selected from the gag training ToonTask. All ToonTasks in The Brrrgh must be completed before proceeding to this ToonTask.


  1. Visit Lil Oldman (The Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh)
  2. One of the following:
  3. Return to Lil Oldman
  4. One of the following:
  5. Return to Lil Oldman
  6. Go fishing for Talking Toad (Anywhere)
  7. Return to Lil Oldman
  8. Visit Sticky George (The Melting Ice Cream Bar, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh)
  9. One of the following:
    • Recover 10 Ice Cream Cones from Mr. Hollywoods (Anywhere)
    • Recover 10 Ice Cream Cones from The Big Cheeses (Anywhere)
  10. Return to Sticky George
  11. Deliver an Ice Cream Cone to Lil Oldman
  12. One of the following:
    • Recover Make Up Powder from Mr. Hollywoods (Anywhere)
    • Recover a Wig Powder from Big Wigs (Anywhere)
  13. Return to Lil Oldman
  14. Defeat 20 four+ story Cog Buildings (Anywhere)
  15. Return to Lil Oldman
  16. Go fishing for Talking Toad's Girlfriend (Anywhere)
  17. Return to Lil Oldman