Paula Behr's ToonTask

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Between December 24th and December 26th during the Winter Holiday, Toons can visit Paula Behr at Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place in The Brrrgh to obtain her limited-time ToonTask that awards a Cold Caller Cog Summons. Bear Toons also have a choice to become a temporary or permanent Polar Bear.


  1. Recover a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from Cold Callers (Anywhere)
  2. Return to Paula Behr (Hibernation Vacations, Polar Place, The Brrrgh)
  3. Go fishing for 3 Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients (The Brrrgh)
  4. Return to Paula Behr
  5. Recover a Wrapping Paper from Sellbots (Anywhere)
  6. Return to Paula Behr
  7. Deliver a Chocolate Chip Cookie to Colestra Awl (Fried Baked Alaskas, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh)
  8. Visit Paula Behr