Resistance Salute

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A Toon performing the Resistance Salute.
A Toon performing the Resistance Salute.

The Resistance Salute is a special animation that signifies membership or affiliation of the Toon Resistance. Using the animation makes the Toon jump up and say "Toons of the world, unite!".

The animation is given by Whispering Willow from Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training when a Toon says the SpeedChat phrase to her, "Would you like some help?". Once the phrase is said, Whispering Willow welcomes the Toon to the Toon Resistance and the animation can be found under the "Animations" tab of the SpeedChat menu.


  • A portable hole bypass that allowed Toons to enter Bossbot Headquarters prior to its release involved using the Resistance Salute, which was part of an ARG.
  • The 3.2.0 update that was released on March 27, 2022, updated the SpeedChat bubble of Resistance Salute to match a player's chosen SpeedChat color for their Toon. It previously displayed a white bubble.