Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks/Blue Smasher Stamp

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Toons are instructed to defeat 8 Mega-Movers in order to begin this ToonTask and earn the Blue Smasher Stamp.


  1. Defeat 8 Mega-Movers (Two+ star Sellbot Field Offices, Anywhere)
  2. Return to Toon Resistance Operator (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)
  3. Visit Gus Gooseburger (Affordable Goosebumps, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh)
  4. Defeat 2 Cold Caller Cubicles (Three+ star Sellbot Field Offices, Anywhere)
  5. Return to Gus Gooseburger
  6. Deliver Gus’ Business Card to Toon Resistance Operator