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Controls are a variety of keys on a computer keyboard that are required to perform various actions when playing Toontown Rewritten. A mouse is also required for the purpose of clicking and navigating.

Players may take note of the default controls listed below. However, controls can be customized to a player's liking via the Options menu.

Control Action
Windows macOS Linux
Up arrow (↑) Allow the Toon to run forward
Down arrow (↓) Allow the Toon to walk backward
Left arrow (←) Allow the Toon to turn left
Right arrow (→) Allow the Toon to turn right
Shift Allow the Toon to walk forward instead of run
Double tap up arrow (↑) Allow the Toon to sprint
Ctrl Ctrl Ctrl Jump
Tab Change view to next camera angle
Shift + Tab Change view to previous camera angle
Page Up Fn + up arrow (↑) Page Up Start or stop looking upwards
Page Down Fn + down arrow (↓) Page Down Start or stop looking downwards
Home Fn + left arrow (←) Home Hold to show gags
End Fn + right arrow (→) End Hold to show ToonTasks
Delete Fn + Delete Delete Throw or flip items during certain situations
Alt Alt Alt Open or close Street M.A.P.S.
F8 or Esc Fn + F8 or Esc F8 or Esc Open or close the Shticker Book
Shift + Esc Open or close the Options menu
Shift + F1 Show the Toon's coordinates in a thought bubble
F2 Fn + F2 F2 Shows a thought bubble regarding the Toon's position in Cog facilities, as well as facility type, the floor number, and the current room's name and ID
F3 Fn + F3 F3 Disable or enable GUI
Shift + F3 Fn + Shift + F3 Shift + F3 Disable or enable name tags
Alt + F4 Fn + F4 or Command + Q Alt + F4 Close Toontown Rewritten
Shift + F6 Fn + Shift + F6 Shift + F6 Show ping or latency in a word bubble
F7 Fn + F7 F7 Open friend list
F9 Fn + F9 F9 Take a screenshot
F10 Fn + F10 F10 Take a screenshot that includes debug information
Shift + F11 Fn + Shift + F11 Shift + F11 Copy the Toon's appearance to the clipboard