Delivery Drops

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Delivery Drops are exclusive items that can be obtained by players who are in Toontown Rewritten's official Discord server. Such items are randomly distributed to those playing Toontown Rewritten during the first weekend of every month. There may sometimes be special events hosted by the Toon Council where Delivery Drops are made available for an entire day or for an entire week.

To obtain items, players must:

  1. Play Toontown Rewritten during the designated time periods outlined below.
  2. Be a member of Toontown Rewritten's official Discord server.
  3. Have "Activity status" enabled in Discord's user settings.
  4. Have "Discord Integration" enabled in the Options menu of Toontown Rewritten.

By meeting the above requirements, the Toontown Post Office bot may send a player a code in direct messages to redeem an item through the Shticker Book. Codes are unique to a player's Discord account and can only be redeemed on one Toontown Rewritten account. Players may have issues receiving codes if they block the Toontown Post Office bot on Discord; therefore, the bot should not be blocked.