District Attorney's Clerk

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District Attorney's Clerk
Cog information
Department Lawbots
Lowest level 12
Highest level 12
Location Lawbot DA Offices
Attack information
Number of attacks 2
Weakest attacks Power Trip
Strongest attacks Finger Wag
Lowest damage 16
Highest damage 21

The District Attorney's Clerk is a level 12 Skelecog that resides in the final room of the Lawbot DA Offices in Lawbot Headquarters. He is the miniboss Cog who is fought alongside three level 11 Cogs, which can either be Legal Eagles or Big Wigs. The District Attorney's Clerk himself is always a Big Wig due to being level 12.

Once the District Attorney's Clerk and the three Cogs are defeated, Toons receive skill points for their gags and a certain number of Jury Notices.

Battle starting phrases

  • "My Justice isn't Blind."
  • "I am above the Law."


Power Trip
Damage Accuracy Frequency
16 95% 50%
Finger Wag
Damage Accuracy Frequency
21 90% 50%