Release notes (2018)

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This page lists release notes for Toontown Rewritten pertaining to updates that were released during the year of 2018.


January 4, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.2]


• Fixed a bug where a crash could potentially occur during zone transitions.
• Fix a crash relating to deer's red noses that would prevent some users from logging in, and cause crashes when viewing certain entries on the friends list.
• Fix a couple crashes that could occur when a user left in the midst of battle, or during the victory sequence.
• Fix a rare crash related to toon heads.


• Fix certain rare crashes that would occur during the diving game and ice games.

Boss Battles

• "Phantom" jumps in the V.P. should now be fixed.


February 26, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.4]


• Updated engine with various stability and performance improvements.
• The time has come! Audio should no longer cause the game to crash while playing on macOS. We’ll be turning both sound effects and music back on by default, so let us know how it goes! If issues continue, please contact us at [email protected].
• Minimizing the game will no longer cause a crash.
• Fixed a crash related to enabling and disabling sound effects on all platforms.
• General fixes have been made to the way Intel Integrated Graphics are handled, which should lead to greatly improved visuals on low-end machines and laptops.


• Fixed longstanding bug which caused doors to flicker black when viewed at a distance.
• Doors will no longer slightly change color when opened.
• Fixed a bug causing the Party clock to not load one of its sounds properly.


• Players should now earn the correct amount of Laff points from racing trophies.


• Fixed crashes that occurred when removing some items from the mailbox.
• Added preventative measures to combat Doodle training bots and macros. We're looking into ways to improve Doodle training to eliminate the need in the first place!


• Fixed a crash relating to Toons blinking.
• Fixed a crash relating to Cog battles.
• Fixed various crashes related to the Maze Game, Treasure Dive, and Ice Slide.


March 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.5]


• Miscellaneous engine updates have been made to increase game stability.
• Improved performance in areas with lots of Cogs walking around, such as Cog HQs.
• Updated the SpeedChat+ whitelist with new community requests.


• Balanced Deer sound effects to blend better with other Toon Species.


• Fixed a visual bug with the Toon HQ periscope when experimental "smooth-frames" feature is activated in the config.


• Toontown Central fire hydrants now have a new default pose.
• Replaced several old trash cans with new ones marked for recycling.
• Building colors have been adjusted to reflect their appearance in Toontown Online.
• Fixed a visual bug relating to building windows.

Toon Parties

• General stability improvements related to Toon Parties.
• Fixed a server crash caused by having too many parties in your calendar history.


• Fixed an issue for Toons affected by a bug with racing trophies, causing them to have an extra or missing Laff point.


• Implement preparations for upcoming April Toons Week event.
• Silly Particles have spread around Toontown! Collect them and turn them into Doctor Surlee for jellybeans.
• Professor Prepostera has a new unlockable ToonTask with brand new gameplay! Keep your eyes peeled for his appearance.
• Samantha Spade has put on her best detective trench coat to get to the bottom of this Silly Particle mystery!
• There's more to this update than meets the eye... Good luck!


April 1, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.6]


• Increased difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks at the community's request.


• Added feature to increase Lure gag accuracy by 30% when "glue" is said in battle.


• The Toon HQ in Toontown Central has added a periscope to keep an eye out for incoming invasions.
• Added more clouds to the cloud on the map.


• Decreased difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks at the community's request.


• Fixed a district reset relating to an upcoming phase of the Silly Particle event.
• Adjusted Silly Particle spawn rates for better balancing.
• Fixed a bug causing the max Silly Particles message to appear for all Toons within an area.
• April Toons Week has begun! Get ready for a week full of silliness beyond limits. Watch out for wacky side effects like lowered gravity and other surprises!
• Silly Particles are getting sillier! Toons can now carry up to 50, and thanks to the silliness, Doctor Surlee can split a particle into two to make it worth double towards his goal.


July 20, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.0]


• “The Random Toon Shirt” has been added to the game in memory of Michael (Kong). For a limited time, you can get this shirt for free using the code “thank-you-kong” in your Shtickerbook.
• Fixed an issue that prevented Silly Saturdays, Fishing Bingo, Grand Prix and Trolley Tracks from starting on schedule.
• Fixed a bug caused by Toons opening their Shticker Book while jumping.
• Updated whitelist with new words and phrases for SpeedChat+ players.
• Miscellaneous preparations for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018.


• The "Toontown Rerigged 2.0" project is complete! All Toon animation has been moved over to this new animation system and tweaked as needed, allowing for easier content creation and fixing a few bugs along the way. Now, about that Cog animation...
• As a “surprise” to show off the capabilities of the new Toon rigs, we re-animated the “surprise” animation to be more accurate to original concept!
• Added custom muzzles for the “Surprise”, “Cry”, “Delighted”, “Furious”, and “Laugh” animations on Crocodile and Deer Toons.
• Removed rabbit teeth during rabbit muzzle changes to avoid clipping and improve appearance.
• Made several improvements to Toon LOD models.
• Cleaned up various sets of animation that had an incorrect number of frames.
• Fixed a longstanding bug that caused Toons to jump forward while swimming.
• Fixed various situations where Toon legs would clip through shorts and skirts.
• Tall Toons, rejoice! You can squash AND stretch in style once more!
• Many, many more animation tweaks -- far too many to list here! If you spot a Toon animation that doesn’t make you bust out a smile, let us know so we can make it better.


• Players who type a Pick-a-Name pattern of the opposite gender will now have their name automatically approved, just like typing a Pick-a-Name pattern of the same gender. This will allow some names that have been previously restricted to NPCs to now be available for everyone.


• Cog Attacks which were previously silent now feature new sound effects. We experimented for a while to ensure that all sounds have the proper Toontown feel, so let us know what you think about the new sounds!
• Fixed an issue that caused Toons saved by a Toon-Up unite during battle to lose their gags.
• Gags of the same type against the same Cog will now either all miss or all hit in that round. This change does not impact the chances of a Gag track hitting one Cog and the same track missing another Cog.
• Luring a Cog will no longer decrease accuracy of Lure gags towards a Cog of a lower level in a later round.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Doodles from getting XP credit for a successful trick in battle.
• Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculation of "organic" and "knockback" gag damage.

Cog HQs

• Added a visual alert to notify you when the V.P. or C.J. is about to jump. This change is designed for players who are deaf and hard of hearing, or prefer to play with sounds disabled. If you would like to disable this feature when sound effects are on, set "sound-accessibility" to false in your settings.json file. We are working to make Toontown a more accessible game for all players. Please send us your suggestions!
• Added an alert if someone tries to add you to a boss battle Boarding Group but you aren’t ready for a promotion.
• The safes in the C.F.O. battle will no longer fall through the back wall of the vault while they are on the crane magnet.
• Fixed a bug that causes Toons to gain more than the usual amount of Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices and Stock Options if a Toon in the same group disconnects in a cog facility.


• Added the long-awaited Blockout Bingo game mode to the Fish Bingo rotation! At the top of each hour, every fishing pond in Toontown will be in competition to fill the board first for a massive Jellybean prize. Grab your rods and game on during Fish Bingo Wednesdays and Silly Saturdays!


• Corrected an issue with mailboxes where confirmation notices would disappear instantly.
• Fixed a district reset related to Doodles.


• More times will now appear on the Goofy Speedway Leaderboard.
• Fixed a bug causing daily and weekly leaderboard times to remain longer than they were supposed to.
• Fixed a bug that prevented refunds of deposited tickets on Grand Prix Monday in some cases.


September 1, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.1]


• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to press the button to teleport to a District that they're already in.
• Fixed a typo in Loony Louis’s ToonTask dialogue. Let us know if you see any other typos in task messages!
• Fixed one of the most commonly reported crashes, which occurred when entering a new area.
• You can now adjust the level of detail (LOD) by adding "lod-distance" in your settings.json file. Setting this to higher values will make Toons higher quality from a distance! 0 is the current default, and you can try 1 or 2 for longer distances.


• Improved various Toon animation based on community feedback. Thanks for the bug reports!
• Toon heads will now smoothly transition forward when falling asleep.
• Shadows will now squash and stretch with certain Toon animation, just like they used to in the earlier days of Toontown Online!
• Fixed a bug from our Rerigged project that caused Toon pupils to appear pixelated.
• Converted all Toon species heads to our internal Rerigged pipeline with miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.


• Just as we did last month for Toons, we have moved the Cogs over to our brand new rigging system. This allows for us to create new Cog animation in the future.
• Made various fixes and enhancements to Cog and Skelecog appearances.
• Updated the Mover and Shakers’ attacks with a better shaking effect during battle.


• We've heard your feedback and reversed the anti-macro changes made to Doodle training that were unintentionally bothering fair players. Please be aware though, that using bots or macros to play the game for you is still not allowed by our Terms of Service!


• Adjusted the size of the Polar Place sign on the tunnel in The Brrrgh.
• Add new underwater music for Donald's Dock and Acorn Acres. Let us know what other areas of the game you'd like to see new music!

Cog HQ

• Helped prevent accidental teleporting with a new prompt that appears when teleporting out of Cog Facilities.
• Adjusted Sellbot HQ spawn locations to fix issues with appearing in the ground.
• Fixed a visual bug when unlocking Sellbot Factory doors.
• Fixed an issue causing the barrel collect sound to play repeatedly when re-entering a room.
• When grabbing a jellybean barrel in a Cog Facility, you’ll now be shown how many beans you collected.
• Grabbing a gag barrel will play a unique sound depending on the type of gag being received.


• Added various preparations for the upcoming ToonFest event on September 19. Stay TOONed!
• Added new SpeedChat phrases that will be active during the event.
• Decreased the volume of the "Hype Train" interactive furniture prize.

September 22, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.2]


• Added dynamic window margins, which allows for more boxes to fit on the sides of the screen depending on your aspect ratio.
• Changed wording to indicate that Toons cannot access the 7th Gag Track based on community feedback.
• Re-implemented holiday-based Pick-a-Toon screen backgrounds.
• Added Cast Member Tag. This is the first of our Cast Member minigames to be added to Toontown. Look out for Toon Troopers around Toontown, and if you see one, be sure to ask them to play tag with you!
• Added integration with Discord in the form of Rich Presence. If you’re 13 or older and have your parent’s permission, you can make a free Discord account and chat with your friends! Your Discord friends can see your Toon’s stats and your location in-game if you find “detailed-presence" in your settings.json file and change false to true.


• You can now see the specific area your friends are in while looking at the Toon Detail Panel.
• You can now adjust your teleporting preferences in the Shtickerbook, restricting the feature to friends or disabling it entirely.
• When using Type-a-Name in the Make-a-Toon menu, a confirmation prompt will now appear before you can submit the name.


• Addressed multiple instances of crashes related to the ToonFest Event Grounds.
• Fixed a longstanding issue with fishing at ToonFest that led to hits incorrectly being counted as misses.
• There are no longer two sets of Token Takers Tori and Tanner. Looks like Tobias and Tonya had an identity crisis!
• Added a “miss” sound effect to the Duck Tank when the pole of the target is hit.


• Changed Cog defeat animation to fix an issue which caused the legs to clip into the torso.
• Cogs will no longer end their lure idle animation when another Cog in the same battle is defeated.
• Fixed an exploit with the Boarding Groups feature.


• Adjusted the dynamic music system to fade between tracks when going underwater.

September 24, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.3]


• Fixed a crash when entering the Toontorial. Tutorial Tom sends his sincere apologies for that misplaced piano!
• Fixed a crash caused by opening the friends list on low screen resolutions.

Discord Integration

• Added better location details for Rich Presence when in the Toontorial.
• Fixed a crash when opening the game caused by using special characters in a Discord username.
• Fixed a crash when entering Welcome Valley with Discord Detailed Presence enabled.


October 6, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.4]


• Fixed several crashes related to dynamic margins, most notably in Cog Golf Courses.
• Toons will no longer stop breathing after having a Lipstick Gag used on them. It's a good thing Toons can hold their breath for so long!

ToonFest & Parties

• Fixed a longstanding issue with cannons that caused Toons to get stuck when entering.


• Extended the timer for buying a Doodle to six minutes.

Discord Integration

• Discord usernames are no longer printed to the log file upon connection. (This was a debug feature accidentally left on.)

October 25, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.5]


• The Spooktown Curse has grown spookier than ever before!
• All of the Candy in Toontown has vanished! You can talk to Jack O’ Kazam in Toontown Central to begin his brand new Trick or Treat ToonTask.
• A new Toon Color has hit the Cattlelog! For a limited time in your next issue, grab "Spooky Purple" to embrace the Spooktown Spirit.


• Fix typo in Sombrero accessory name.


• Fireflies have invaded Donald’s Dreamland! These little creatures are a fierce ally of the already prevalent butterfly threat in Toontown Central.
• Rewrote Butterfly logic to squash several small bugs.


• Adjusted various Toon and Cog attacks to appear more fluid, and fix visual bugs.
• Gags such as the Big Magnet and Megaphone now fit snugly in Toon's gloves.
• Breathe easy! Toons will no longer stop breathing when certain Toon-Up gags are used.
• Fixed a crash related to the reward panel.

Cog HQ

• Fixed an issue that caused the Sellbot Vice President's gears to take no Laff from Toons upon collision.


• Fixed various cannon-related game crashes.


November 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.0]


• Implemented the all-new Options Menu! Check it out by clicking on the remote icon in the bottom right of your screen, or by pressing SHIFT + ESC (by default).
• Fixed a crash that occurred when using a Toon Rewrite while using the Spooky Purple color.
• Corrected an issue that could cause sound effects to continue playing after disabling and re-enabling sound effects.
• Fixed a minor typo in Cog dialogue.
• All settings that were only accessible through the settings.json file previously are now available in-game. This includes Anti-Aliasing, Animation Smoothing, Discord Integration, etc.


• Adding WASD support to Toontown was our most requested feature EVER! We've now done that, and much more.
• All keys that can be used in game can now be reassigned in the Options Menu. Use the control scheme that works for you!
• Toons can now slow down and walk rather than run when holding SHIFT (by default).
• Reworked walk controls to feel more fluid. Toons will transition to running and stopping, rather than maintaining a constant speed.
• The new control system has been heavily tested by the team. However, if you run into any issues, please email [email protected] so we can get it fixed as soon as possible!


• Music and Sound Effects can be individually adjusted to be quieter or louder.
• Visual SFX Indicators can now be toggled from in-game. If Sound Effects are disabled, Visual Indicators will always be on.


• Implemented support for borderless fullscreen display mode, which is now the default on Windows and Linux.
• Legacy fullscreen support has been removed for macOS Toons, in favor of Apple's integrated system. If you’re using a Mac, you should instead use the green maximize button to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen modes.
• Added ability to turn on a Frame Rate Meter from the Options Menu.
• Implemented Toony GUI transitions, which can be disabled for a more classic Toontown feel.
• Fixed a longstanding bug where nametags and chat bubbles couldn't be clicked after changing the game's display mode.


• Implemented animation blending for more natural Toon movement. Animation will no longer start/stop abruptly, but instead blend from one to another. This can be turned off in the Options Menu.

Shticker Book

• The Street M.A.P.S. icon is now hidden until hovering over the Shticker Book to avoid screen clutter.
• Fixed a bug in the Toontorial where the left/right keys could be pressed to view other pages of the Shticker Book while talking to HQ Harry.
• Simplified the Options & Codes page to combine the two tabs into one.


December 20, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.1]


• Pressing the "Enter" key will now confirm pop-up GUI.
• Addressed an issue that caused the expiration date of Winter Caroling ToonTasks to improperly reset.
• Fixed a bug on macOS devices causing the mouse cursor to not match its on-screen location.


• Thanks to community feedback, when Animation Blending is disabled, the smooth movement changes will also be disabled.
• Fixed various animation issues that occurred when Animation Blending is enabled.
• Addressed various instances where the Options Remote could be obscured or covered entirely in the bottom right corner of the screen.
• Fixed a few bugs related to the Automatic SpeedChat+ setting.


• Fixed an issue that caused some keybindings to display improperly in Trolley Game instructions.
• Fixed a rare bug causing "Minigame Template" to appear when playing Trolley Games.
• Fixed a visual stutter in Match Minnie when Animation Smoothing is enabled.


• Fixed various animation bugs related to Animation Blending and Smoothing in Cog Battles.


• Fixed an issue that caused controls to be disabled during fishing.

Known Bugs

• Toons who completed the Snowman Head ToonTask last year may not be able to get the task again. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible!
• Keys bound to "Enter" may not work properly after pressing "Enter" to confirm a pop-up GUI.

December 31, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.3]


• Various backend changes have been made to prepare for a future game engine update.
• Fixed a bug related to toggling the "Animation Blending" option while in an elevator.


• Added two new Toon colors, Bubblegum and Beige!
• The new Toon colors can also be applied to clothing found in Make-a-Toon and clothing stores.


• The Laff-o-Lympics are about to begin! Until February 1st, any Toon starting at 15 or 16 Laff points can compete to gain the most Laff points.
• Added limited time SpeedChat phrases related to the Laff-o-Lympics. Show your team spirit!