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This page lists release notes for Toontown Rewritten pertaining to updates that were released during the year of 2019.


February 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.3.4]


• Increased game stability when moving from one area to another. If you're still crashing while moving through tunnels or doors, please let us know by emailing [email protected].
• Adjusted "Enter Code" box in the Shtickerbook to ensure that longer codes can be entered.
• Fixed an obscure grammar issue in the Bossbot Cog Suit ToonTask line.
• Boarding Group confirmation prompts will no longer be stuck on the screen.

Winter Laff-o-Lympics

• Implemented the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics prizes. If you participated, your prizes will be distributed throughout the day.
• The all-new "Frostbite" Name Tag is available to all 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics participants who placed in Gold!

Cog Battles

• Addressed an issue that could cause Cog Battles to momentarily freeze when a new Toon or Cog joined the battle.


• Fixed a longstanding transparency issue with the Party Gate in every Playground.
• Adjusted the street signs in Donald's Dreamland to use a unique purple border.
• Altered various textures throughout the game to fix minor visual seams and clipping.


• Attempting to purchase a new nametag will now warn you that your current one will need to be re-purchased in the Cattlelog.

February 17, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.3.5]


• This is a Maintenance Update, including various backend changes.
• Moving the camera up and down using Page Up and Page Down (by default) is now smoother.
• Cleaned up a texture issue with crane magnets in the C.F.O. Battle.

February 21, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.3.6]


• This is a maintenance release that makes various backend changes.


March 6, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.0]


• The Silly Meter has come to Toontown! This is a large-scale change that required adjustments to many pieces of the game. Although we have tested thoroughly, there are always bound to be issues that appear. We will be monitoring the community for feedback and bug reports, so please let us know what you think!
• Fixed a district reset related to Trolley Tracks.
• NPCs will now specifically tell you if you need to finish your ToonTask before grabbing a new one.
• Fixed several bugs related to dynamic audio tracks, such as the main theme music.

Silly Meter

• The Silly Meter has been completed by the Scientoons at Loony Labs! Check out Toon Hall to see the festivities.
• Defeat Cogs, play games, and have fun to generate Silly Points! Most activities will generate more points with other Toons.
• An all-new ToonTask has been added to Toontown! The Scientoons are more than happy to teach Toons about how the Silly Meter works. To start, simply talk to any Scientoon in Toon Hall.
• A new page has been added to the Shticker Book, containing the Silly Reader and a Loony Labs brand clipboard for tracking Silly Stats. You’ll be granted access to this page when you complete the new ToonTask.
• When you’ve unlocked your Silly Reader, you can join one of three randomly selected teams to put your Silly Points towards! The team with the most Silly Points when the Silly Meter maxes out will have it’s reward applied to everyone in Toontown.
• Click on the “Silly Meter” button in the top right corner of the screen at any time to quickly check on the Silly Meter’s status after you’ve unlocked your Silly Reader. Once you’ve read this panel, it will be hidden until the next Silly Meter phase change. Don’t worry, all of the info can be found in your Shticker Book.
• Clicking on the Silly Meter itself will bring up the same Silly Meter Panel. Handy!

Toon Hall

• The Toon Hall building has a received a fresh coat of paint, featuring a new color scheme and increased details.
• The interior of the Toon Hall has been redone as well to give Flippy a new office, and a space for the Silly Meter.
• As the Silly Levels build higher, the Silly Meter will move more frantically, gain extra bits and bobs, and the music in Toon Hall will become more intense!
• Surrounding the Silly Meter, you can find Doctor Surlee, Professor Prepostera, and Doctor Dimm. Talk to them if you need help with the Silly Meter!
• For a limited time, you can also find C.A.K.E. Team members Professor Purrview and Doctor Fumbdound checking on the Silly Meter’s status. Loony Labs has all hands on deck!
• Made various improvements to Flippy’s Office compared to how it previously appeared in Toontown Online.

Playgrounds and Streets

• Toontown is more alive than ever before! Street Props such as Fire Hydrants, Mailboxes, and Recycling Bins have come to life. Give Toontown’s newest residents a warm welcome!
• When the Silly Meter is nearing its peak, Street Props will grant a temporary speed boost to Toons passing by. Zip down the street faster than ever before!
• Toontown's street signs will now update from time to time for special events.

Cog Battles

• While Silly Levels are rising, Street Props will assist in battles on the street. Enjoy an instant boost to Gag effectiveness!

March 10, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.1]


• Keep sending us your Silly Meter feedback! This update addresses a number of issues brought up to us by the community, and we have even more adjustments and bugfixes coming soon in future updates.
• Added a new setting for Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync) in the "Video" tab of the Options Panel. When enabled, the game's maximum frame rate will be set to to whatever is supported by your display in order to prevent a visual bug called screen tearing. This setting is enabled by default.

Silly Meter

• Fixed a typo in the "Overjoyed Laff Meters" SpeedChat phrase, which referred to it as the scrapped name "Overlaff."
• Improved formatting of large numbers on the Silly Stats page.
• Added a scroll bar to the Silly Stats page to prevent stats from overflowing off the page.
• Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when starting the Silly Reader tutorial.
• Fixed a bug causing Silly Points from battle bonuses to be blown extraordinarily out of proportion.
• Adjusted balance of the Cogs' impact on Silly Points.


• Fixed a bug causing FPS drop when collecting treasures in the Maze Game.


• Temporarily disable dynamic street signs to prevent crashing on some Windows machines.
• Slightly boosted the volume and listening radius of animated objects.


• Fixed a bug causing animated objects to help in battle before the amount of Global Silly Points needed to wake them had been reached.


• Fixed an occasional visual bug with Cog explosion animation.


• Fixed a commonly abused bug with the mailbox allowing Toons to bypass collisions.

March 13, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.2]


• Fixed several back-end issues relating to the Silly Meter.
• Added smooth frames support for more animated objects such as hydrants, trashcans, mailboxes, and the fishing bucket in Toon Estates.
• Fixed name of the Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt.


• Added a maximum capacity for buildings to prevent performance issues. You can still teleport to friends who are inside of a full building.

Shticker Book

• Removed ability to scroll to change pages in the Shticker Book due to buggy functionality and the addition of pages with scroll bars.
• Fixed a soft lock when opening the Shticker Book after jumping.

Silly Meter

• Prepared for the first time the Silly Meter reaches the top.
• Implemented dialogue for Toons who try to get a Silly Reader without a free ToonTask slot.


April 1, 2019 [ttr-live-v4.1.19]


• Engine Downgrade! In order to restore all of the nostalgic bugs that we all love so dearly, Toontown Rewritten now uses its original build of Panda3D from 2002.


• Removed Acorn Acres, as it was found to be too confusing for new players looking for Bossbot Headquarters.
• Bossbot Headquarters now features MiniGolf, Fishing Docks, and an Oil Geyser.
• Informed every resident of Oak Street that there is, in fact, a Cog Headquarters just a few steps away.


• Removed sound gags from Toontown.


• Disabled all game sound, just to make sure that the sound gags are gone for good.

April 6, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.5.0]


• Engine Upgrade! Toontown Rewritten has been upgraded to Panda3D 1.10, the latest version of the technology which powers Toontown.
• Game performance has been significantly improved. Toontown is now smoother than it has ever been, especially on lower end computers!
• Decreased loading time when entering new areas.
• Fix a common problem related to game settings that would crash the game on startup.
• Fixed many miscellaneous crashes throughout the game.
• Corrected various typos in ToonTask dialogue.
• Updated label of the Shticker Book "Options & Codes" page.
• Fixed a bug causing the "Enter" key to stop working after getting a boarding group invite or friend request.
• Boarding group invites and friend requests can no longer be accidentally accepted when pressing the "Enter" key.
• Implemented additional logging to help us balance various gameplay elements in future updates.

April Toons Week

• Silliness is off the charts! The Silly Meter will provide double Silly Points and a significantly decreased cool down time for the rest of April Toons Week.
• Removed random Toon sounds and effects due to community feedback. Some jokes get old after a few years!

The Silly Meter

• Doctor Surlee has returned to Toon Hall!
• Improved appearance of the Silly Reader's "Inactive" state.
• Fixed a bug causing the "Next Silly Cycle" text to fly into the sky.
• Added a message to the Silly Stats page when Loony Labs is still calculating Silly Points.
• Fixed several street crashes related to animated objects.
• Fixed a bug related to the Silly Meter which caused districts to occasionally freeze.


• Fixed a server crash related to the Toontorial.
• The "Items Recovered" screen at the end of a battle will now display how many of each item was recovered.
• The "Items Not Recovered" screen will no longer display items that have already been found.
• When walking into a Cog that a Toon has started a battle with, you'll now join the battle with them.


• Anti-aliasing is now set to "off" by default on fresh installations of Toontown Rewritten. If you're still experiencing performance issues, we suggest going into the Options Menu and disabling Anti-aliasing.
• GUI Animation has been added for almost all in-game pop-ups. This option can be changed on the "Video" tab!


• Improved instructions for the Toon Slingshot minigame.


• Reduced the volume of the Hype Train furniture item.
• Improved Doodle path-finding. They should have an easier time interacting with you at your Estate!


• The streets of Toontown have been given a visual pass to improve consistency and accuracy to Toontown Online.
• Fixed most cases of texture and sign flickering on building exteriors.
• Fixed a longstanding bug that caused certain street signs to disappear.
• Restored tunnel and elevator signs for Cog Headquarters.
• Restored shop signs on the interior of Toon buildings. This is a feature from Toontown Online that has been missing for years, but has finally returned!

April 7, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.5.1


• Fixed a game crash related to Fish Bingo.
• Corrected an issue that caused the Fishing tutorial to not appear for new Toons.


• Corrected an issue that prevented new Toons from being created.


• Fixed a game crash that would occur when entering Polar Place in The Brrrgh while street props were animated.
• Replaced an "old style" static Fire Hydrant on Polar Place with a shiny new animated one.


May 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.0]

Crash Cashbot Headquarters

• Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters has arrived! Until May 31st, the Toon Resistance will be on full attack over at Cashbot Headquarters. Whether you're a new Toon or a seasoned veteran, anyone can participate in the event!
• Cashbot Headquarters has been Crashed! The place is a mess, and The Resistance has set up their outpost in the heart of the Headquarters.
• Goofy's Gag Shop has partnered with the Toon Resistance and has temporarily set up shop within the Resistance Outpost.
• Limited-time ToonTasks have been added with new exclusive clothing, accessories, and rewards. Check back every week to see what new items the Toon Resistance has to offer!
• Hey, who's driving the Trolley? Run after it on the tracks of Cashbot HQ to regain Laff Points!
• Due to increased Silliness in the area, all Toons will have teleport access to Cashbot Headquarters during the event.
• Laff Requirements have been temporarily lifted from the Dollar and Bullion Mints.
• To guard himself, the C.F.O. has sent out some Goons near the doors to the Cashbot Vault.


• Removed the 125 FPS cap. High refresh rate users rejoice!


• Adjusted Whole Fruit/Cream Pie model to fix a texture issue.
• Added an updated Party Cannon texture, featuring more detail and an improved design!
• Fixed a transparency issue with the Twitter Birb hat. Long Live the Birb!


• Street Signs have been re-implemented, and now feature an advertisement for Crash Cashbot Headquarters. Be sure to watch these signs regularly to see what's going on in Toontown!


• Adjusted accessory positioning for nearly every accessory on every type of Toon. Deer and Crocodile Toons in particular should notice a massive difference in quality!
• Increased the size of the Closet and Accessory Trunk, which now hold up to 300 items each!

May 3, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.1]


• When using a Toon Rewrite on a Toon that was originally multi-colored, the colors will no longer be overwritten in the Make-A-Toon.

Crash Cashbot Headquarters

• Fixed a crash caused by receiving 5-Star Fire SOS Cards.
• Renamed "Promotion Unites" to "Promotion Assist Unites" to avoid confusion.
• Resistance Rangers will no longer give out duplicate tasks.
• Fixed a semi-rare crash when loading into Cashbot HQ.

Silly Meter

•When a task requires you to visit a Scientoon, your SpeedChat phrases should correctly update to say you need to go to Toon Hall.

May 15, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.2]


• Experience Multipliers now stack! If you turn multiple in, their durations are added together.
• Every NPC that gives a ToonTask will now shuffle their offers every hour on the hour.
• Toons can now choose which ToonTask they would like to turn in, if any.
• A new Cogbuck indicator will show up when a Promotion Assist Unite is thrown, showing how many Cogbucks you received.
• Multiple Jellybean and Cogbuck indicators can show up at once! They'll arrange themselves neatly across the bottom of the screen during Beanfests and other Unite-throwing events.
• Added a "Sure!" phrase to SpeedChat, under the "Friendly" submenu.
• One word NPC Names, like "Alice" or "Jake", are no longer blocked by Type-A-Name.

Crash Cashbot Headquarters

• A new reward is now offered from Loopy Loopenloop and Cassie Peppercakes -- Double Cogbucks!
• ToonTasks requiring "Cashbots Anywhere" have been added for all rewards.
• For the rest of Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters, Cashbot Mints have been made easier to complete.
• The amount of Laff points you receive from Goon Treasures out by the Vault Doors has increased.
• More spawn locations have been added to the top of the stairs in Cashbot Headquarters.
• The reward shown for Promotion Assist Unites will now say specifically what kind of Unite it is on the ToonTask.
• Cog Summons are no longer allowed in Cashbot HQ.
• Fixed a bug where a reward for 30 minutes of Double XP Anywhere wasn't deletable.
• Cogbucks ToonTasks will no longer give credit to anyone that owns a Rental Suit.
• Any Toons with Cogbucks and level progress on their Rental Suit will have their Cashbot Suit reset.

Silly Meter

• Resolved an issue with the Silly Meter that caused server instability.


August 1, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.3]


• Fixed a crash relating to estates.
• Whitelist and blacklist updates.

Toon Deletion

• Accounts will now only retain the past 1000 deleted Toons, rather than an unlimited number. Restoration policies still apply.
• Any Toon who is deleted but never earned a Laff Point or Gag beyond the Cupcake or Squirting Flower will not be eligible for restoration.

ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019

• From now until August 11th at 11:59 PM Toontown Time, you can use code "replayfx2019" to unlock two brand new hat accessories for your Toon!
• Added convention attendee Top Hat

Silly Meter

• Fixed the Silly Meter's double speedway tickets reward.


September 18, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.4]


• Based on community feedback, Toon HQ has printed a higher quality map of Toontown for your Shticker Book.
• The largest fish you have ever caught of each species can now be viewed in the fishing album of the Shticker Book.
• Corrected an issue that let you enter Toontown while the Toon Deletion window is open in Pick-a-Toon.
• When Summon-a-Cog is open, the Shticker Book can no longer be closed.
• Fixed various bugs that could lead to Districts resetting.


• Spooky Purple is now available as a color for clothing found in Clothing Stores.
• The pop-in and pop-out animations for applicable windows, such as the Options menu, have been tweaked and polished to be much smoother.
• The frame around the Cog Gallery in the Shticker Book has been adjusted to match how it appeared in Toontown Online.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Cashbot Rental Suit skirt and various Winter Hats to have an incorrect texture.
• Shined some light on the Battle Menu's "FIRE" Button, giving it a proper drop-shadow like the other three buttons.


• SpeedChat phrases can now be displayed as a thought bubble by right-clicking the phrase in the SpeedChat menu.
• Added the phrase "Sorry, my group is full." to SpeedChat.
• Many new phrases have been added to the SpeedChat+ Dictionary -- thanks for keeping the suggestions coming!


• While using a Closet, Cheesy Effects such as "Big Head" or "Invisible Toon" will temporarily be hidden.
• Toon Troopers have visited each Toon's estate and rotated the Flappy Cog around to provide him a more scenic view.

C.E.O. Battle

• Addressed a game crash which occurred when viewing another Toon's Doodle during the C.E.O. battle.
• Fixed a long-standing issue that caused multiple Golf Balls to disappear in the C.E.O. battle. Try out new strategies with multiple golfers!

Known Issues

• Some users with NVIDIA graphics hardware may experience issues with having anti-aliasing enabled via the in-game option and in the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you require any help with disabling anti-aliasing, please email us at [email protected] where we will be happy to provide you with assistance.

September 30, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.5]


• Corrected an issue that caused the Slingshot in the Toon Slingshot Trolley Game to ignore the volume slider in the Options Menu.
• Fixed a crash introduced in the last update that could cause certain SpeedChat phrases to crash the game when right-clicked.
• Fixed an issue where saying certain words with SpeedChat+ crashes the game.


• ToonFest's Merry Multipliers have gotten an upgrade! You can now check the remaining time on your Merry Multipliers from the Gags page in the Shticker Book, or via the 'Home' key.
• Made minor changes to the Duck Tank to help stop Toons from blocking the target and to make it easier to hit.
• Adjusted the prices of a few "Mad" hats from 100 ToonFest Tokens to 106 ToonFest Tokens.


October 25, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.6]

The Spooktown Curse

•The Spooktown Curse has been extended to November 3rd! Jack O' Kazam's power grows every year...
• Fixed an issue that caused every Toon Muzzle to activate at the same time when a Pumpkin Head is hidden. (e.g. in Cog Facilities)
• Addressed issues with ToonTask progress failing to save in certain circumstances.


• All Toontown Online MIDI files have been re-converted to .OGG at CD Quality and with restored instruments.
• Green, Mint Green, Emerald, Teal, Steel Blue have been added as default shirt colors.
• Addressed an issue that caused rotation speed in the Closet, Accessory Trunk, and Kart Shtickerbook Page to be tied to the framerate.
• Updated Cog Golf's Bombs to flash at a set speed, rather than being tied to the framerate.


• Adjusted placement of the Feather Tether to avoid clipping issues.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Super Toon cape to fail to deliver when purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.


• Fixed various bugs with Estate Cannons -- so don't fly away!


• Fixed Merry Multipliers not affecting Bounty Cog XP, which is extra Cog XP given on completion of any Cog facility.
• Doubled Bounty XP awarded in the DA's Office to bring the XP given out in line with other Cog facilities.


December 12, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.7]

Blog post

The following release notes for v2.6.7 are from the associated blog post.[1]


• Upgraded Toontown's engine to Panda3D -- featuring the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.
• Mac players will no longer crash when a Bluetooth device is disconnected.
• Adjusted music throughout Toontown to loop seamlessly based on community feedback.
• Fixed several district resets.


• Fixed several bugs with the Type-a-Name menu.
• Based on community feedback, Type-a-Name will now provide more detailed reasoning for names that are automatically rejected.


• Changed the appearance of Professor Ivy to match her appearance on the Toontown Blog.


• Nearly all fonts have been upgraded to use a higher quality format -- they'll look sharper than ever on signs, loading screens, chat bubbles, nametags, and more!
• For Content Pack creators: You can now replace in-game fonts by replacing the files in "phase_3/fonts"!
• Fixed cases of flickering (z-fighting) on Toon Building interior signs.
• Fixed anti-aliasing causing major graphical issues on certain graphics cards.


• Reduced the wait time between gardening pop-ups.
• Added a special digging animation to flowers, trees, and statues.


• Drop S.O.S. Cards used by Toons without the Drop Track will no longer miss against Level 11+ Cogs.
• Fixed an issue that made Drop S.O.S. Cards miss Level 11+ Cogs if used with another Drop Gag.
• Addressed an issue in which Cogs would wake up early if a Lure S.O.S. Card was used by a Toon without the Lure Track.
• Fixed Head Hunter dialogue so they no longer say two sentences in one go. Leave that to the Two-Faces!

Play page

The following release notes for v2.6.7 differed on the "Play" page of Toontown Rewritten's website[2] compared to what was provided on the associated blog post.


• Upgraded Toontown's engine to Panda3D -- featuring the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.
• Thanks to the engine upgrade, Mac Toons will no longer crash when a Bluetooth device is disconnected.
• Addressed several district reset issues, so you can keep on playing Toontown without worry.
• Changed the appearance of Professor Ivy to match her look on the Toontown Blog.
• Fixed several bugs with the Type-a-Name menu.
• Based on community feedback, Type-a-Name will now give more accurate auto-rejection reasons.
• Adjusted music tracks to loop more seamlessly based on community feedback.


• Nearly all fonts have been upgraded to TrueType -- meaning they'll be sharper than ever!
• For Content Pack creators: Fonts now reside in phase_3/fonts instead of phase_3/models/fonts. If you want to replace a font in-game, now you can!
• The "Mickey" font is now stored at a much higher quality.
• Fixed multiple cases of Z-Fighting on shop interior signs.
• Fixed MSAA causing major graphical issues on certain graphics cards.


• Reduced the wait time between gardening pop-ups.
• Added a special digging animation to flowers, trees, and statues -- they shrink as they're dug up!


• Drop S.O.S. Cards used by Toons without the Drop Track will no longer miss against Level 11+ Cogs.
• Addressed an issue in which Cogs would wake up early if a Lure S.O.S. Card was used by a Toon without the Lure Track.
• Fixed a Head Hunter dialogue so they no longer say two sentences in one go. Leave that to the Two-Faces!