Executive Office Tower

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The Executive Office Tower is a large building located in Bossbot Headquarters to the right side of the courtyard. Members of the Toon Resistance were unable to infiltrate the building, leaving its contents completely unknown. Security goons blocked all possible entrances, and peering through windows did not reveal anything other than several large elevators large enough to fit a Boss Cog. Toons who attempt to enter the Executive Office Tower are left with a popup message that says, "Whoa there! That area is much too dangerous for Toons. A security goon would catch you on the spot. Only time will tell what business the Cogs may be plotting inside...".

As mentioned by Lord Lowden Clear, the Toon Resistance plans to inform Toons on any possible information about the Executive Office Tower when the time is right.[1]

The popup message that appears when attempting to enter the doors of the Executive Office Tower.


On top of the building is a set of angry eyes. There are two statues of The Big Cheese on each side of the building, accompanied by a golf ball statue in the center.


  • There was a bug where Toons would exit from the doors of the Executive Office Tower upon leaving the Bossbot Clubhouse, which was fixed in the 1.9.2 update that was released on May 18, 2015.
  • When Bossbot Headquarters was first released, there was no popup message when attempting to enter the Executive Office Tower. The popup message was added in a later update.
  • During OMG!Con 2016, it was said that the four main Boss Cogs would be found in the Executive Office Tower.