Scrooge McDuck

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A piece of Toontown Online artwork depicts Gyro Gearloose presenting a Cog (The Big Cheese) to Scrooge McDuck.

Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character created by Carl Barks for The Walt Disney Company. He is an anthropomorphic duck with yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet.

During early development of Toontown Online, Scrooge McDuck was initially planned to play a prominent role in the game's storyline but ultimately never made any sort of appearance in-game. His only appearance came from an old installer video for Toontown Online that showed him visiting Gyro Gearloose's lab where he did not hesitate to active a robot. Scrooge attempted to activate the robot and it turned evil, which then used a Manufacturing Machine to create the Cogs shortly before it approached Scrooge, leading to his unknown fate.

Toontown Rewritten's storyline

"World-famous billionaire Scrooge McDuck - who wasn't even seen attending the election - has also been reported missing."
―Toon Headquarters[src]

In Toontown Rewritten's storyline, Scrooge McDuck was only mentioned once by Toon Headquarters in their first broadcast shortly after Doomsday where he was reported to be missing. The timespan between Scrooge's disappearance and the Cogs' unexpected arrival during the Toon Council Presidential Elections was a reference to Toontown Online's old installer video. Since his disappearance, Scrooge had never been seen in Toontown.

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