Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks/Sleuth Badge

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Toons are instructed to visit Ai Spai in order to begin this ToonTask and earn the Sleuth Badge. 10 Sleuth stamps and enough rank-ups via Sellbot Skill Points in the Resistance Rank must be earned before proceeding to this ToonTask.


  1. Visit Ai Spai (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)
  2. Deliver a Portfolio to Samantha Spade (Trellis the Truth! Private Investigators, Maple Street, Daisy Gardens)
  3. Defeat 6 level 18+ Cogs (Sellbot Field Offices, Anywhere)
  4. Return to Samantha Spade
  5. Visit Professor Prepostera (Toon Hall, Toontown Central)
  6. Find a Cog Doohickey in a Hidden Location
    • Located on top of a chair within the Surveillance Room in Sellbot Field Offices. Complete the Cog battle first.
  7. Return to Professor Prepostera
  8. Deliver a Cog Doohickey to Doctor Googlymoogly (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)
  9. Find an Antisillio Battery in a Hidden Location
  10. Return to Doctor Googlymoogly
  11. Deliver a Cogspeak Communicator to Samantha Spade
  12. Recover 24 Cogspeak Clips from the Cogs (Cog Field Offices, Anywhere)
  13. Return to Samantha Spade
  14. Defeat a three+ star Boiler (Cog Field Offices, Anywhere)
  15. Return to Samantha Spade
  16. Visit Ripley (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)