Holly Daze's ToonTask

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Between December 21st and December 24th during the Winter Holiday, Toons can visit Holly Daze in The Brrrgh to obtain her limited-time ToonTask that awards Santa's Bag. Deer Toons also have a choice to earn a temporary or permanent red nose.


  1. Purchase 5 Gifts for friends on the Telephone
  2. Return to Holly Daze (The Brrrgh)
  3. Deliver a Letter to SantaToon to Postmaster Pete (Toontown Post Office, Loopy Lane, Toontown Central)
  4. Visit HQ Officer (Toon Headquarters, Anywhere)
  5. Visit Professor Flake (Precipitation Foundation, Polar Place, The Brrrgh)
  6. Recover 5 Bananas in Jungle Vines on the Trolley in the playground
  7. Return to Professor Flake
  8. Visit HQ Officer
  9. Visit Holly Daze