Booregard's ToonTask

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Between October 29th and November 1st during Halloween, Toons can visit Booregard in Toontown Central to obtain their limited-time ToonTask that awards a Bloodsucker Cog Summons. Cat Toons also have a choice to become a temporary or permanent Black Cat.


  1. Recover a Bag of Halloween Decorations from Bloodsuckers (Anywhere)
  2. Return to Booregard (Toontown Central)
  3. Find a Bag of Candy in a Hidden Location
  4. Return to Booregard
  5. Collect 20 Fruit in the Catching Game on the Trolley in the playground
  6. Return to Booregard
  7. Visit Flippy (Toon Hall, Toontown Central)
  8. Deliver The Tale of The Black Cats' Curse to Booregard