District Attorney's Office

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District Attorney's Office
Basic information
Department Lawbots
Location Lawbot Headquarters
Area information
Special Cogs Goons
Virtual Skelecogs
Facility information
Facilities Office A
Office B
Office C
Office D
Minimum Cog level 10
Maximum Cog level 12
Miniboss Cog District Attorney's Clerk

The District Attorney's Office is a Cog facility located in Lawbot Headquarters to the right of the courtyard. Toons often infiltrate the District Attorney's Office to recover Jury Notices for promotions on their Lawbot Cog Disguise. The Cogs in each office are either level 10 or level 11, with Skelecogs also making some appearances. The miniboss Cog is a level 12 Skelecog known as the District Attorney's Clerk.


Office A

Office A is the shortest office that consists of three floors and a total of 24 Cogs. Office A awards 564 Jury Notices, which helps with earning promotions on low-level Lawbot Cog Disguises.

Office B

Office B is a medium length office that consists of four floors and a total of 32 Cogs. Office B awards 944 Jury Notices, which helps with earning promotions on mid-level Lawbot Cog Disguises.

Office C

Office C is a slightly more challenging office compared to Offices A and B, consisting of five floors and a total of 40 Cogs. Despite awarding 1370 Jury Notices, Office C is usually often substituted for by the other offices but can still help with gaining a fairly decent amount of Jury Notices.

Office D

Office D is the longest office that consists of six floors and a total of 48 Cogs. Office D awards 1842 Jury Notices, which helps with earning promotions on high-level Lawbot Cog Disguises.


The following three Cogs can appear in the District Attorney's Office.


Security goons patrol several rooms, which deduct 15 laff points from Toons when hit. Camera searchlights stationed around the offices move in a random pattern within a fixated area, deducting 8 laff points. There are also stompers that deduct 10 laff points. The rooms with obstacles occasionally randomize from alleyways with stompers and cameras to random gag barrels protected by searchlights.

Laser puzzles

There are four different laser puzzles that can be found in some rooms, with there always being two in the same room. When one laser puzzle is completed, one of the hands on the door unlock. After the second laser puzzle is completed, the door is unlocked and Toons gain 5-10 laff points. Virtual Skelecogs projected from the same projector as the laser puzzles appear if one Toon fails to solve a laser puzzle by stepping on a skull. Once Virtual Skelecogs appear, they must be defeated in order to advance; defeating them opens one of the door's hands. Virtual Skelecogs count toward certain ToonTasks but do not give Jury Notices or skill points for gags.


This puzzle is played on a 5×5 grid. The last row of the puzzle contains skulls, and the other tiles contain either a red or a green square. Stepping on a tile changes its color, and the goal is to match the colors of all tiles (either green or red, as long as the tiling is consistent).

Drag three in a row

This puzzle, which is played on a 6×6 board, has 12 colored tiles: four containing a green triangle, four contain a blue rhombus, and four others containing a red X. The first row of the puzzle is always empty by default, and the last row skulls, where touching them triggers the Virtual Skelecogs. A colored tile can be dragged by stepping on it and walking somewhere else and stop following a Toon if they leave the board's area, or when walking on top of a different tile. All tiles of the same type disappear when fitting at least three tiles with the same content in a straight line (but not diagonally). Once all tiles have disappeared, the skulls' row would also disappear, and the button on the other side of the board is automatically pressed.

Skull finder

This puzzle is similar to a game called Minesweeper. The puzzle is played on a 7×7-tiled board, where each tile is a square that has a hidden content. Below each tile is either a skull or a number, and stepping on a tile reveals its content. The game starts by uncovering some or all of the tiles in the first row, which always contain numbers or blank and blank squares. A Toon then needs to create a safe path to the other side of the maze, by uncovering tiles, and then step on the button on the other side. Each tile with a number tells how many nearby tiles contain skulls, and touching a tile with a skull triggers the Virtual Skelecogs.

Avoid the skulls

This puzzle is played on an 8×8-tiled board where each tile can contain a small square, a skull, or be empty. Every few seconds, all tiles on the board are updated. Tiles with skulls are blanked, squares on tiles are replaced with skulls, and each empty tile has a probability of containing a square or remaining blank. The goal is to reach to the other side of the board, without touching any skulls. Failing the game triggers the Virtual Skelecogs.

Final battle

Main page: District Attorney's Clerk

At the end of an office, Toons battle the Clerk along with three other Cogs, all of which are level 11. Defeating the Clerk and the three Cogs award Toons with gag experience and Jury Notices.


Like Cog Buildings, each of the four offices has special gag experience multipliers on each floor. Office A has 3 floors, Office B has 4 floors, Office C has 5 floors, and Office D has 6 floors. Each floor has a different multiplier, which increases as Toons progress to a higher floor.

Office Floors Multiplier
A, B, C, D 1 2x
A, B, C, D 2 3x
A, B, C, D 3 4x
B, C, D 4 5x
C, D 5 6x
D 6 7x


  • In the bookshelf room at the end of each floor is a picture frame. The picture inside said frame is actually a crop of Toontown Online's Back Stabber trading card from the third series.
  • Like the Cashbot Mints before it, the District Attorney's Office has reused rooms from the Sellbot Factory with new textures and objects. This would be the last facility to feature this trend, as the Cog Golf Courses had unique models made for them.
    • The bookshelf room mentioned above is actually a retextured version of the Oil Room from the Sellbot Factory. The same room is also retextured for one of the Mint Supervisor's rooms in the Cashbot Mints.
  • The final floor of Office D is the only area that has a 7x gag multiplier.
  • As of the 2.6.6 update that was released on October 26, 2019, Jury Notice outputs were updated to bring them in line with other Cog facilities. The previous outputs were 489, 794, 1,145, and 1,542 for Office A, Office B, Office C, and Office D, respectively.