Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks/Red Sleuth Stamp

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Toons are instructed to visit Ripley in order to begin this ToonTask and earn the Red Sleuth Stamp.


  1. Visit Ripley (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)
  2. Defeat a Factory Foreman (Sellbot Factory, Sellbot Headquarters)
  3. Return to Ripley
  4. Collect 2780 Sellbot Merits (Anywhere)
  5. Return to Ripley
  6. Defeat the Vice President (Sellbot Towers, Sellbot Headquarters)
  7. Return to Ripley
  8. Recover a Memo from the Chief Executive Officer (Bossbot Clubhouse, Bossbot Headquarters)
  9. Return to Ripley