The Grey

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Professor Prepostera floating in the Grey.

The Grey is an endless route lacking color that is found in all known areas of Toontown via unintentional glitches or bugs. Toons who somehow make their way into the Grey can travel forever and hardly find anything.

One of Loony Labs Scientoons, Professor Prepostera, published a blog post introducing his research on the Grey.[1] In a later blog post, he described the Grey as an unnatural place and an outstanding creative approach but a pesky way to bypass security in Cog facilities.[2]


  • In Toontown Online, a few sections of streets had fences that Toons could collide through. The Donald's Dock playground also had fences lacking collision.
  • If a Toon jumps while traveling in the Grey, they would hover mid-air in a jumping pose but would still be able to walk normally until they reach a surface.
  • Inside a Toon's house, the Grey is green but reverts to its intended color once the Toon opens and closes their Shticker Book.
  • Traveling very far into the Grey causes animations and parts of Toon models to snap between values due to insufficient decimal precision, making them appear "distorted".[3]