Boarding group

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A boarding group is a convenient method for Toons to group up and enter Cog Buildings, Sellbot Field Offices, Cog facilities, Cog headquarters boss lobbies, and more.

Creation of boarding groups

Cog content

A popup that appears when clicking "?" from a Toon's panel while inside a Cog headquarters boss lobby.

Toons must be directly next to an elevator in order to have the boarding group interface appear before they can click the "Start a Group" button to create a boarding group. The boarding group leader can invite other Toons by clicking their name tags to open their panels and use the "Invite" button. Up to four Toons can join a boarding group for Cog Buildings, Sellbot Field Offices, and Cog facilities. Up to eight Toons can join a boarding group for Cog headquarters boss lobbies.

Discord integration

As of the 3.5.0 update that was released on September 16, 2022, boarding groups can be created through Discord when sending invites with Discord integration enabled from the Options menu, which also allows support for estate boarding groups to be created. The Toon limit for estate boarding groups is normally 100, but decreases to 20 while the Doodle Trick Boost Silly Team is active.[notes 1] Estate boarding groups normally cannot be created in districts populated with more than 350 Toons, however, this limit decreases to 175 if the boarding group was created in an invasion-safe district.

ToonHQ integration

As of the 3.6.0 update that was released on October 20, 2022, integration with through ToonSync was introduced. Should ToonSync be enabled, an in-game boarding group can automatically be created when a group is created on and vice versa (but prefilled on Boarding group leaders can add a +1 on to reserve a spot in the boarding group interface. In addition, SpeedChat phrases that appear in an orange color are available for group members to use. ToonSync-powered boarding groups disbanding or entering an activity results in groups created on being removed.


  1. Implemented to mitigate server lag, as of the 3.10.4b update that was released on November 21, 2023.