Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks/Orange Explorer Stamp

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Toons are instructed to visit Franz Neckvein in order to begin this ToonTask and earn the Orange Explorer Stamp.


  1. Visit Franz Neckvein (The Punch Line Gym, Punchline Place, Toontown Central)
  2. Defeat 8 Mr. Hollywoods (Anywhere)
  3. Return to Franz Neckvein
  4. Collect 18 Cog Gears in Cog Thief on the Trolley in the playground
  5. Return to Franz Neckvein
  6. Visit Lance Iceberg (Ice Cycle Bikes, Walrus Way, The Brrrgh)
  7. Defeat 2 Cold Caller Cubicles (Two+ star Sellbot Field Offices, Anywhere)
  8. Return to Lance Iceberg
  9. Deliver a Workout Routine to Lars Bicep (Tuft Guy Gym, Maple Street, Daisy Gardens)
  10. Defeat 90 level 9+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  11. Return to Lars Bicep
  12. Visit Toon Resistance Operator (Sellbot Task Force Hideout, Sellbot Headquarters)