Beta key ToonTasks

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Beta key ToonTasks were limited-time ToonTasks that awarded Beta keys, which granted players permanent access to Toontown Rewritten during its Beta stage. These ToonTasks had a high rarity and could only be obtained once a Toon started the taskline in Daisy Gardens. They were discontinued once the game moved into "Open Beta".

After a Toon completed a Beta key ToonTask, they had to visit a HQ Officer in Toon Headquarters and claim their reward. The HQ Officer would then notify the Toon that they would be able to view their awarded Beta key through their account page on Toontown Rewritten's website. A Beta key was to be given to another player or redeemed by the account owner if their account did not already have one.



  • Defeat 10 level 3+ Cogs
  • Defeat 15 level 3+ Cogs
  • Defeat 18 Cogs
  • Defeat 8 level 4+ Cogs
  • Defeat 16 level 4+ Cogs
  • Defeat 4 level 5+ Cogs
  • Defeat 8 level 6+ Cogs
  • Defeat 12 level 6+ Cogs
  • Defeat 50 Cogs
  • Defeat 180 Cogs
  • Defeat 120 Cogs
  • Defeat 10 Cogs
  • Defeat 10 Cogs in Daisy Gardens

Specific Cogs

Cog Buildings

  • Defeat 4 two+ story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 40 two+ story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 2 four+ story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 2 two+ story Sellbot Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 2 two+ story Lawbot Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 20 five story Lawbot Cog Buildings

Cog headquarters