Factory Foreman (Skelecog)

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Factory Foreman
Cog information
Department Sellbots
Lowest level 9
Highest level 9
Location Sellbot Factory
Attack information
Number of attacks 2, 4, or 5
Weakest attacks Tremor, Red Tape, Tee Off, or Razzle Dazzle
Strongest attacks Quake, Evil Eye, Paradigm Shift, or Power Trip
Lowest damage 9, 10, or 11
Highest damage 21, 16, 18, or 12

The Factory Foreman was a level 9 Skelecog who resided at the Center Silo Control Room in the Sellbot Factory in Sellbot Headquarters. Since he was a level 9 Skelecog, he could either be a Mover & Shaker, Two-Face, Mingler, or Mr. Hollywood. He was accompanied by three level 6 Cogs.

Once the Factory Foreman and the three Cogs were defeated, Toons received skill points for their gags and a certain number of Merits. If a Toon did not yet have a completed Sellbot Cog Disguise, they received disguise parts instead of Merits.


Mover & Shaker

Attack Damage
Tremor 9
Brain Storm 12
Shake 14
Half Windsor 16
Quake 21


Attack Damage
Tee Off 10
Schmooze 12
Buzz Word 13
Power Trip 14
Paradigm Shift 18

The Mingler

Attack Damage
Red Tape 9
Hang Up 12
Razzle Dazzle 14
Evil Eye 16

Mr. Hollywood

Attack Damage
Razzle Dazzle 11
Power Trip 12


  • "I'm the Foreman."

Other Cogs introduced Toons to the Factory Foreman by saying:

  • "Let me introduce you to the Foreman."