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ToonFest at MomoCon 2023, also known as ToonFest: Birthday Bash, was Toontown Rewritten's sixth real world ToonFest event that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Toontown Online. The event took place at MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 25th to May 28th, 2023. The Toontown Rewritten Team announced the event on February 7, 2023, in a YouTube video premiere.[1] A multitude of panels, backstage, and activities occurred as shown in the event schedule.[2]

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Players could redeem the code "toonfest-birthday-2023" in their Shticker Book to obtain the ToonFest 2023 Yellow Hat and ToonFest 2023 Green Hat. Attendees could also redeem exclusive codes offered at the convention to obtain the ToonFest 2023 Yellow Attendee Hat and ToonFest 2023 Green Attendee Hat. Previous ToonFest apparels returned with new codes: "toonfest-birthday-2015", "toonfest-birthday-2016", "toonfest-birthday-2017", "toonfest-birthday-2018", and "toonfest-birthday-2019", and "toonfest-birthday-2020".

What's Next for Toontown?

Content revealed during the "What's Next for Toontown?" panel[3] were:


At the convention, a large poster depicting the Cartoonival Cavalcade and three trading cards (the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Toontanic, and The Club President) were available for attendees to receive. On July 6, 2023, Member Mailers were introduced to allow players a chance to receive the trading cards, as well as a haul of extra merchandise in celebration of Toontown RewritTEN.


At the convention, attendees received a special Toontown Rewritten booklet containing artwork inspired by the CD-rom release of Toontown Online. The front and back cover of the artwork were released as wallpapers to download on classic and modern mobile devices.[7]