Blog posts (2023)

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This page lists blog posts that were published on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2023.


A New, New Year's Event: Toon HQ Takeover!

Toon HQ proudly presents a new event to kick off the New Year: Toon HQ Takeover.

A Fiery Finish for the New Year's Toon HQ Takeover!

The New Year's Toon HQ Takeover concludes with a fiery finish.

Reel It In for the Fish Migration Update!

Melville reels in news of fish migrating and an update comprised of changes to fishing.

Show Some Love for the ValenToon's Spotlight!

Chef Fritz asks Toons to submit their most delicious submissions for the ValenToon's Community Spotlight.


Get Your Tickets for ToonFest: Birthday Bash!

ToonFest: Birthday Bash comes to MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Toontown Online.

Celebrating Puppy Love this ValenToon's Day

Clerk Clark celebrates ValenToon's Day with puppy love for Clerk Will and shows new ValenToon's Day cards.

Love, Baked Just Right | Community Spotlight

Chef Fritz meets up over some hot cocoa to present submissions for the ValenToon's Community Spotlight.

Partner Spotlight: Justice is Blind!

Justice is Blind, a community partner in the Toontown Partner Program, enters the Partner Spotlight.


ToonFest: Getting the Party Started!

A weekend of double XP and Toontown Rewritten Team members is held from March 3rd to March 5th for ToonFest: Birthday Bash.

Pie Day Temptations

Temptations on Pie Day arise for Cool Stripey Jellyzaner when he smells the scent of apple pies.

A Straight-Edged Ides of March

Back Stabber opts to give a more straight-edged message regarding their Ides of March Mega-Invasion.

Keen for Green and Beans!

Eugene celebrates St. Patrick's Day with green gloves and doubled jellybeans.

Get Ready for PandaPhilPlays' Spring Time Spectacular!

Toontown Partner, PandaPhilPlays, hosts a Spring Time Spectacular event alongside other Partners.

Eyes Up at the Moon for Ramadan!

Nina Nitelight spends the night to discuss and appreciate Ramadan.


Tunnel Vision for April Toons!

Fred Flounder experiences tunnel vision and ends up lost during April Toons Week.

ToonFest: Prepare to Party on Discord!

Exciting changes are made to the Toontown Rewritten Discord server for ToonFest: Birthday Bash.

Celebrate Twenty Years of Toontown at the TOONYs

The TOONYs return with the addition of few new categories for ToonFest: Birthday Bash.

Taxation Without Indemnification

Number Crunchers collect overdue taxes from Toons with a Tax Day Mega-Invasion.


ToonFest: Event Schedule

The full event schedule for ToonFest: Birthday Bash is revealed.

ToonFest: "Behind the Tooniverse" Panel Details

Information about the "Behind the Tooniverse: 20 Years of Toontown" panel for ToonFest: Birthday Bash is announced.

Important G.I.M.M.I.C.K. Interception!

Lord Lowden Clear makes an important announcement about the G.I.M.M.I.C.K. within the Sellbot Task Force Hideout intercepting a memo sent from The Chairman regarding plans for corporate restructuring, with more details set to be released on May 26th.

ToonFest: Birthday Bash | Day One Summary!

Day 1 of ToonFest: Birthday Bash festivities is summarized, from the ToonFest kickoff to new ToonFest code items.

ToonFest: Birthday Bash | Day Two Summary!

Day 2 of ToonFest: Birthday Bash festivities is summarized, from the "What's Next for Toontown?" panel to the Toontown Trolley Tournament.

ToonFest: Birthday Bash | Day Three Summary!

Day 3 of ToonFest: Birthday Bash festivities is summarized, from the "Sketch to Screen: Building Toontown" panel to the "Mischevious Fun: Designing Toontown" panel.

ToonFest: Birthday Bash | Day Four Summary

Day 4 of ToonFest: Birthday Bash festivities is summarized, from the "Toon Time Machine: Hidden Gems of the Toontown Archive" panel to The Great Toontown Pie Toss.

ToonFest: Birthday Bash | Full Recap

All four days of ToonFest: Birthday Bash festivities are fully recapped.


Celebrating Two Toony Decades of Toontown!

Toontown Online's 20th anniversary is celebrated with code items galore and two new wallpapers alongside a Mega-Invasion of Version 2.0 Mr. Hollywoods.

Celebrating a Pride-Filled Month!

Clerk Will celebrates Pride Month with boyfriend Clerk Clark and announces the Toontown PRIDE! community event.

A Fabulosa Festa Junina

Luciano Scoop celebrates Festa Junina with sweet treats and a code for a traditional straw hat.


Toontown's Scintillating Spectacle of Summer Fireworks!

Smokey Joe brings some explosive entertainment to Toontown with Summer Fireworks.

Celebrate Toontown RewritTEN with Exclusive Member Mailers!

Member Mailers arrive with merchandise from ToonFest: Birthday Bash for the celebration of Toontown RewritTEN.

The Skelecog Mega-Invasion Returns!

The Skelecogs return with a Mega-Invasion on a time crunch and reduction of Cog suit yielding.

Creating ToonFest Merchandise | Backstage Toontown

A peek behind the backstage curtain at the process of creating merchandise for ToonFest: Birthday Bash is revealed.


Executive Shake-Up Due at Cogs, Inc.!

Terry Prompter of Toon News... for the Amused! brings an exclusive investigative report on Cogs, Incorporated's management shakeup.

ToonFest: The TOONYs Recap

A recap of the TOONYs from ToonFest: Birthday Bash is presented with an online gallery.

Roll Up, Roll Up! Cartoonival is Coming!

Cartoonival is announced to make its grand return for the 10th anniversary of Toontown Rewritten.

Celebrate Women's Equality Day in STYLE!

Lt. Lady Kippy celebrates Women's Equality Day in Toontown style, while Name Droppers, Minglers, Number Crunchers, and Micromanagers start a Mega-Invasion.

Under Construction: Toontown's Newest Neighborhood!

Flippy formally announces the construction of Toontown's newest neighborhood, Clear Coasts.


Toontown RewritTEN: 10 Toontastic Years!

Toontown RewritTEN, the 10th anniversary of Toontown Rewritten, is here and an update to Cartoonival with dozens of new prizes appears.

The Cartoonival 2023 Partner Palooza!

A Partner Palooza consisting of events from Toontown Partners are held to celebrate Cartoonival for a third year in a row.

Cast YOUR Vote for Toontown's Next Trading Card!

The Toontown Rewritten Team plans to create new trading cards and host a vote for the community to decide on one of them.

Say Hey, it's the Cartoonival Cavalcade!

Riggy Marole announces new Cartoonival ToonTasks and the prestigious Cartoonival Cavalcade built by his team of contractors.


Stay Frightful for Friday the 13th!

Booregard transforms all Toons into Black Cats on Friday the 13th.

The Cartoonival Finale: All Styles for All Toons

Riggy Marole has a special announcement to give for all Toons during the Cartoonival finale.

Tester Tim's Test Town Testimonial

Tester Tim announces new outfits for the anniversary of the Toon Troopers' Test Town Division.

Spooky Season is Descending Upon Toontown

Jack O' Kazam bestows the Spooktown Curse upon Toontown, this time with old tricks and a new treat.

An Elegy of the Eeriest Eve

One last day of Halloween fun, Jack O' Kazam's Spooktown horror shall soon be done.


Making Deliveries With a Discount

Postmaster Pete makes Clarabelle's Cattlelog sales deliveries and advises Toons to tip a certain delivery driver when they see him.

A Toontown Rewritten Wiki Update

The Toontown Rewritten Team gives an update on the Toontown Rewritten Wiki migrating to become an independent wiki.


Sweet Sufganiyot for Sweet Hanukkah

Fidgety Bridget celebrates the first night of Hanukkah for another year with Dizzy Dreidels and some sweet Sufganiyot.

Join Us for Jingle Bell Jamboree

The Jingle Bell Jamboree arrives with Winter activities and a Polar Palooza comprised of events from Toontown Partners.

New Year's Eve Goes Out With a Bang!

Sir Max nabbed some firecrackers and sets them off from inside his house to put on a fireworks display for the New Year.