Blog posts (2022)

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This page lists blog posts that were published on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2022.


Ai Spai's Silly Sellbot Spotlight Needs YOU!

Ai Spai hosts a Silly Sellbot Spotlight and asks Toons to submit their entries.

Doodles are Coming Quickly!

Clerk Westin Girl announces the arrival of more doodles per district.


Task Force Around Town | Community Spotlight

Bonnie Bubbles presents entries submitted for the Silly Sellbot Spotlight.

The 3.1 Update Addresses YOUR Feedback!

The 3.1.0 update that addresses community feedback is released.

Mailing Some Love This ValenToon's Season!

Postmaster Pete mails plenty of ValenToon's Day cards to celebrate the ValenToon's season.

Presenting... Iceman's ValenToon Jamboree!

Iceman, a content creator in the Toontown Partner Program, hosts a ValenToon jamboree.


Frozen Pies for Pie Day!

Chicken Boy bakes frozen pies for Pie Day.

Stay Peachy on the Ides of March!

Peach Blossom warns about the Back Stabbers' Mega-Invasion on the Ides of March.

Green is as Good as Gold!

Sir Max celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a pair of green gloves.

Hopping for a Double Beans Day Giveaway!

Colorful Clover hosts a Double Beans Day Giveaway and asks Toons to submit their entries for a chance to receive the Jellybean Outfit.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

The Chief Executive Officer makes improvements to Version 2.0 Cogs to have additional protection against gags, while also hiring less Version 2.0 Cogs on his wait-staff due to being over-budget.


Introducing Toontown's Newest Pet: Scribbles!

Sir Max introduces scribbles as Toontown's newest pet during April Toons Week.

Partner Spotlight: Wisconsin's Finest Cheeses!

Wisconsin's Finest Cheeses, a community partner in the Toontown Partner Program, enters the Partner Spotlight.

Taxation with Representation on Tax Day

Number Crunchers unleash their Tax Day Mega-Invasion to crunch the numbers.


Presenting... your Jellybean Outfit Giveaway Winners!

Colorful Clover presents the winning entries of the Double Bean Days Giveaway.

Jumpin' Jellybeans! | Community Spotlight

Colorful Clover presents more entries from the Double Bean Days Giveaway put together into a Community Spotlight.

Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff

Lord Lowden Clear announces dozen new ToonTasks for the Sellbot Task Force's Smasher set, including new rank-up rewards, the Smasher Badge, and the last laff boost.


Celebrating the Community for Toontown's 19th Birthday

The 19th anniversary of Toontown Online comes with a celebration of the Toontown community.


Sparking Excitement with Summer Fireworks!

Whamo Kablamo celebrates the Fourth of July with Summer Fireworks.

The Toon Resistance Thanks YOU!

Ripley, on behalf of the Toon Resistance, sends thanks to Toons for keeping Toontown safe from the Cogs.

Broadcasting a Bountiful 3.4 Update

Doctor Googlymoogly uses a remote control turned into a walkie talkie to broadcast the 3.4.0 update.


"TOON" In for ToonFest for Charity!

Members of the Toontown Rewritten Team join ToonFest for Charity to hang out in Toontown and answer community questions.

Lots to Celebrate on Toontown Rewritten's 9th Anniversary!

The ninth anniversary of Toontown Rewritten is announced, with Cartoonival on the way to celebrate.


Partner Spotlight: PandaPhilPlays!

PandaPhilPlays, a content creator in the Toontown Partner Program, enters the Partner Spotlight.

Safe Safe-ty with Franz Neckvein

Franz Neckvein gives a rundown on safe safe-ty around Toontown.

Update 3.5.0 is Here, There, and Everywhere!

Detective Dirge guides through unpacking the most mysterious 3.5.0 update.

Have a BLAST at This Year's Cartoonival!

Riggy Marole gives the full scoop on Cartoonival and shows a nifty wallpaper drawn by Clove.

The Cartoonival 2022 Partner Palooza!

A Partner Palooza consisting of events from Toontown Partners are held to celebrate Cartoonival.

Changes Are On The Way To The Cartoonival!

The Toontown Rewritten Team introduce changes to Cartoonival based on community feedback.


Bonnie Needs YOU to Write Cog Jokes!

Bonnie Bubbles secretly hosts a contest for Toons to submit new jokes that can be added to the Cog Joke Databases for remote controls, despite being expected to write the jokes herself.

Celebrating the Cartoonival Grand Finale!

Flippy announces the grand finale of Cartoonival.

Cartoonival’s End Brings Celebrations Again!

The 3.6.0 update in collaboration with ToonHQ and a new backpack accessory called The Caller-Hauler to accommodate the 20th anniversary of MMO Central Forums are released.

Stay TOONed for Toontown's 20th Anniversary!

An upcoming celebration for Toontown Online's 20th anniversary is expected to occur.

The Return of the Spooktown Curse!

The Spooktown Curse returns and Jack O' Kazam is back to get revenge on Sir Max.

Passing Down the Black Cat In-Cat-Tation

Flippy passes down the Midnight Incantation to allow Booregard to transform cat Toons into Black Cats.

Hostin' A Horrifically Happy Halloween

Booregard hosts a horrifically Halloween party and provides a ToonTask for existing cat Toons to become Black Cats.


Falling Back like Clockwork

Karen Clockwork loses her mind over the amount of clocks she has to deal with.

Your NEW Cog Jokes Are Online!

Doctor Googlymoogly adds 32 more jokes to the Cog Joke Databases for remote controls following a contest held by Bonnie Bubbles.

Incurring a Productive Incursion

The Skelecogs unleash a Mega-Invasion to counter increasing Toon productivity.

Introducing Public Relations' Newest Roles!

Community Ambassador and Partner Program Manager positions on the Toontown Rewritten Team's Public Relations department are introduced.

Thanks to YOU from the Toon Resistance!

Operator Oakley and the Toon Resistance give thanks to Toons on Thanksgiving.

Itchin' For Sales

Itchie Bumps announces her sales at Poison Oak Furniture, including the annual sales of Clarabelle's Cattlelog.


Q&A ToonCast with the Toontown Rewritten Team!

The Toontown Rewritten Team announce a Q&A ToonCast to answer community questions and provide behind the scenes details about the Sellbot Task Force expansion.

"TOON" into our Q&A ToonCast Broadcast Today!

Celebrating the first anniversary of the Sellbot Task Force expansion, the Toontown Rewritten Team host their Q&A ToonCast.

Toontown Member Mailers Return!

Member Mailers return with newly available 2020 trading cards and postcard shown during ToonFest at Home.

Happy Hanukkah, Toontown!

Fidgety Bridget celebrates Hanukkah with Dizzy Dreidels and sweet Sufganiyot.

Holly's Happy Holiday Hobnob

Holly Daze returns to Toontown to provide a ToonTask for Toons to help her out.

Walking In A Winter Polar-Land

Paula Behr provides a ToonTask for existing bear Toons to become Polar Bears, while still allowing new bear Toons to become Polar Bears on Tutorial Terrace.

Awaiting a Truehearted New Year's Send-Off?!?

Sir Max announces some details regarding an entirely new event in replacement of the New Year's Top Toons Marathon.