Blog posts (2020)

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This page lists blog posts that were published on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2020.


Let's Hear it for the Truehearted Top Toons!

Winners of the New Year's Top Toons Marathon are announced by Toon HQ.

The Revenge of the Skelecogs

The Skelecogs unleash a Mega-Invasion to celebrate their reduction of Cog suit output.

"TOON" In to Our First ToonCast!

The Toontown Rewritten Team announce their first ToonCast to provide a glimpse into the development of Sellbot Field Offices.

Backstage with Sellbot Field Offices | ToonCasts

The Toontown Rewritten Team host their first ToonCast, titled "Backstage with Sellbot Field Offices".


Playing It Safe on Safer Internet Day

Shockley explains how to play it safe online during Safer Internet Day.

Doctor Dimm's Lovey-Dovey Admirers?

Crystal fulfills flower orders on ValenToon's Day and notices multiple orders from Doctor Dimm's secret admirers.

Join Toontown's Game Design Team!

Joey announces the Toontown Rewritten Team's Game Design department.


Presenting ToonFest: Toon HQ Takeover!

ToonFest: Toon HQ Takeover is announced to return to ReplayFX in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Doctor Dimm Reports In!

Doctor Dimm reports in with news of an update to organic gags, picnic games, major bug fixes, and more.

What a "Chilli" Pie Day!

Colonel Crunchmouth bakes a chile peppermint pie with the help of Cassie Peppercakes for Pie Day.

Our Reputation Must be On "Point"

Back Stabbers unleash their Ides of March Mega-Invasion to settle debts owed by Toons for misplacement of "Extortion is the Best Solution" books.

Go Green for the Hundred-Leaf Clover!

Eugene proposes that a hundred-leaf clover is made and offers green gloves on St. Patrick's Day.