Club President

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Club President
Cog information
Department Bossbots
Lowest level 12
Highest level 12
Location Bossbot Golf Courses
Attack information
Number of attacks 2
Weakest attacks Tee Off
Strongest attacks Glower Power
Lowest damage 20
Highest damage 22

The Club President is a Version 2.0 level 12 Cog that resides at the final floor of the Bossbot Golf Courses in Bossbot Headquarters. He is the miniboss Cog who is fought alongside two other ordinary level 11 Cogs and one level 11 Version 2.0 Cog, which can either be Corporate Raiders or The Big Cheeses. The Club President himself is always a Big Cheese due to being level 12.

Once the Club President and the three Cogs are defeated, Toons receive skill points for their gags and a certain number of Stock Options.

Battle starting phrases

  • "I'm the Club President."

Other Cogs may introduce Toons to the Club President by saying:

  • "You need to talk to the Club President."


Tee Off
Damage Accuracy Frequency
20 80% 50%
Glower Power
Damage Accuracy Frequency
20-22 90% 50%


  • Prior to the 3.2.0 update that was released on March 27, 2022, the Club President was a level 11 Cog, which allowed him to appear as a Corporate Raider.